The Iliad Tech Project

The Iliad

Group Technology Project


Each group will be responsible for one whole book or part of a book from The Iliad.  You will have one week to read and learn your section of the epic with your group.  You will then have one additional week to create a group website containing the following information:

  • Background information (time period information – historical & cultural)
  • Summary of the book (in bullet form)
  • Characters with descriptions (label minor or major, explain how they contributed to the story)
  • Any epithets (give definition & examples)
  • Literary Terms (give definition & examples): foreshadowing, epic/homeric simile, metaphor, personification etc.
  • Answer to the study guide questions provided – they should be posted on the website.


Each group will also develop a skit for their book. All members must participate in a speaking role and the skit must accurately portray the events of the book.


Group breakdown:

  • Group 1 - Book 1 – The Rage of Achilles
  • Group 2 – Book 6 – Hector Returns to Troy
  • Group 4 -  Book 22 – The Death of Hector
  • Group 5 – Book 24 – Achilles and Priam


Iliad Group Project Rubric

Test Grade:                  ____/100 pts

Skit (50 points)

·        Information accurate

·        Skit covers information pertinent to Book

·        ALL members participate in speaking role; ALL are prepared

Website (50 points)

·        ALL information required is represented clearly and accurately

·        Grammar is good

·        Typos are limited


Speaking Grade:        _______/100 pts

·        Student speaks clearly (25 points)

·        Student presents and does not just read from slide (25 points)

·        Grammar (25 points)

·        Overall presentation (25 points)