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5th Lunch 

 **After School

 Every day from 6:30 - 7:00

 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

By Appointment

*If you'd like to stay after school for extra help, please check with me the day before.  Sometimes I do have meetings after school and don't want to miss you if you take the extra effort to stay after for help.
**Please note that I am a football coach so meeting after school during the Fall is difficult due to afternoon practices.
Here Are Some Really Great Resources To Use At Home:
Plague Words and Phrases - GREAT resource for writing!  These are things to avoid while writing, with an explanation for each.
The Tongue Untied - Have trouble with grammar?  This site has mini-lessons that explain the different parts of grammar, with quizzes and practice available.  It also has some great writing helps as well that show how to be more accurate, concise, and clear.
USA Test Prep - practice EOCTs and games to help you study
OWL - a great MLA resource!  Use this when doing research or writing a paper.  It shows you exactly how a paper needs to be formatted.
Easy Bib - Plug in all the information about the sources you're using in a paper or project.  It'll save your answers and format the Works Cited page for you!
BibMe - Another great instant citation machine. This one also gives you free citations for APA, something Easy Bib does not do.
Transitions - We all get bored with first, next, and in conclusion!  Here are some ideas to help you out along the way.
Grammar Girl - A weekly podcast focused on how to improve your writing, one grammar skill at a time.