Honors Sample Essays

Essay One:

The work of an author generolly reflect what has happened in their life.  Wether it be from childhood memories or events currently taking place.  The themes and actions that take place are usually based on real life experiences.  Mary Shelley distently related her past experiences in a very unique way.  "Frankenstein" was written to be a thrilling Page turner to entertain it's readers.  Shelley applied pieces of her life into her work, while still managing to keep it interesting.  "Frankenstein" was the first of it's kind, written in the Romanticism Period.  It was a peice of literature that stood out from any other.  The British society consisted of strict rules that were regulated tightly.  The citizens of the British society were very simple and were very persistant with keeping tradition close.  The work of "Frankenstein" impacted the britist society significantly.  For this reason Shelley kept her name private. Only sharing basic details with it's readers. During this time the British Society looked down on women and their abilities to be talented.  Shelley did not want the British society to know she was a woman.


Shelley's master piece Frankenstein was very successful and told a small part of her life hidden in her work.  "Frankenstein" was a success in the Romanticism Period, and still to this day.


Essay Two:

"Don’t judge a book by it’s cover" many have heard this quote said a lot in the past years. Many people have the habbit of judging on appearance or how someone looks. This is a very bad habit indeed because if conflicts with appearance vs. reality, in the books Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde they show how appearance vs. reality and how it works. How people can not judge only on appearance and looks.

When a person meets someone for the first time a lot of thoughts come up in their head. Thoughts of how that person looks, talks, walk, and dress this is that person appearance. Many people judge on appearance alone which is the wrong way to go. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley everyone from the villagers to the little boy judge the monster on his appearance how ugly and scary he looked. Even Frankenstein the creator of the monster rejected the monster on his looks. Another example of this is that even the monster judged the little boy by his appearance and thought he would be kind and innocent. But the boy called the monster ugly so the innocent child also rejected the monster on his appearance. This truly shows what happen when a person judge by appearance they reject the other person in this case the monster for someone who he is not.

Reality is the truth about someone or something. Reality is never just there in a person face or appearance, but its in that persons heart and soul, thats where reality is. In Frankenstein the moster was the example of reality. The monster even though he was big, ugly, and scary in reality he just wanted to be loved. He really was innocent and wanted to learn about the new world he was created in. The monster was looking for the reality and truth about humans, But all they showed him was the appearance. Since everyone who met him rejected him based on his appearance he started to do the same. By thinking everyone else was the same through appearance. Reality is about appearance but it’s in the heart that shows who we truly are.

Appearance vs reality is a big conflict in our society still. Mary Shelly tells us in her book Frankenstein that its not about appearance and people can not judge other people based on the appearance but on reality