24 September 2010

posted Sep 24, 2010, 9:52 AM by Unknown user
9th CP: Today we wrapped up our discussion on the Cyclops section of The Odyssey. Make sure your charts are being filled out as we go. We finished the day with a writing activity. You were to write a narrative piece based on the portrait on page 998 in the literature book. We will use this Monday while we read through the Land of the Dead section. Continue to bring your book to class.

10th HONORS: Today you turned in your letter to the editor piece. You also read a new article and started a persuasive piece of writing. The persuasion piece must clearly take stand on the article and choose a side; it must argue whether or not to read the article and do so convincingly. Your final version of this piece is due next Friday. You can expect the Unit 2 test to be next Tuesday and Wednesday. It is a writing assessment just like Unit 1. Be prepared to use vocabulary words again as well as knowledge of various pieces we've read. 

Have a great weekend.