20 August 2010

posted Aug 20, 2010, 10:04 AM by Unknown user
9th CP: Today we took a look at some grammar points like verb tense and subject-verb agreement. Afterward we wrote a short paragraph that involved talking about what were excited about for our weekend and what we might be dreading for the weekend. When the paragraph was done, we then highlighted all the "to be" verbs we used (i.e. is, are, was ,were, am, will be, been etc.) We will use this paragraph next week. Be sure to bring your book again starting Monday!
10th HONORS: Today we talked about how rigorous the vocabulary quizzes are going to be and how we need to better prepare for them. We also dicussed the archetypes and symbols in Genesis chapters 1-3. When you have reading for the class, always be prepared to discuss the reading the next day!