17 November 2010

posted Nov 17, 2010, 3:59 AM by Unknown user
My apologies for everyone for not having the daily updates as usual. It is unlike me not to post daily, but I have obviously fallen behind in this responsibility. Here is an update:

9th CP: We are still knee-deep into ATTWN. We are a little over halfway through the book and at the beginning of Chapter 10. There are three study sheets so far with more to come soon. The test will be basically as soon as we finish the book, which should be the week we get back from our break. We have one more set of vocabulary to do when we get back as well.

10th HONORS: We are wrapping up The Iliad by finishing up our projects this week. Click here for project info. The websites should be complete no later than this Friday. We will film the skits for the project in class on Thursday and on Friday. I encourage students to use props and even costuming if they'd like. I will finish grading the independent reading projects over the holiday. We will also have a Gateway writing practice during the last few weeks of class.

ATTENTION ALL: The performance final for language arts is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29th!