15 March 2011

posted Mar 15, 2011, 6:51 AM by Unknown user
9th CP: Students need to read through chapter 14 in TKAM tonight. This last half of the week there will be a good deal of reading to do in the book. Be forewarned that we will have an in class writing tomorrow that will be timed! This will be your major writing grade this semester and it will focus on themes and issues we've discussed in the book so far.

10th Honors: We are continuing the reader's theater for AMSND. We will wrap this up tomorrow. Upon wrapping up the play, we will review major themes, ideas and concepts in order to take a test on either Friday or Monday depending on how in-depth our conversation about the play becomes. I am not a fan of giving test on either of these days, but it will be necessary this time around. As a head's up, we will take a mid-term at the end of next week.