15 August 2011

posted Aug 15, 2011, 8:06 AM by Unknown user
We delayed talking about archetypes another day in order to journal and start vocabulary today. 

Here is your homework for the next TWO nights:
Take your twelve vocabulary words and use creative commons to do an image search. For each word, you need an image to represent the word. The connection between the image and the word must be accurate. (Having trouble? Find synonyms and other definitions for the words to help you understand how to do a better search.) Your product should either be a Google doc that is shared with me, a PPT that is emailed to me (images in a word doc works too), or you can even do a print out if you so desire. Send all electronic work to kjones@northgwinnett.com

Due Wednesday, August 17th

Here are your vocabulary words again:

1. approbation – (n) the expression of approval or favorable opinion
2. assuage – (v) to make easier or milder
3. decadence – (n) decline, decay; excessive self-indulgence
4. elicit – (v) to draw forth, bring out from some source
5. expostulate – (v) to attempt to dissuade someone from some course or decision
6. hiatus – (n) a gap, opening, or break
7. innuendo – (n) a hint, indirect suggestion
8. jaded – (adj) wearied, worn-out, dulled
9. lurid – (adj) causing shock or horror, or revulsion
10. prerogative – (n) a special right or privilege
11. provincial – (adj) pertaining to an outlying area, narrow in mind or outlook
12. transcend – (v) to rise above or beyond, exceed