10 September 2010

posted Sep 10, 2010, 10:00 AM by Unknown user
9th CP: Today we worked on filling out or literary terms handout that will help you throughout the year and on the test Monday. That being said, the test is Monday!!! Be sure to spend some time looking over the stories we read, but most importantly look over your literary terms list, know motive, conflicts and themes to be prepared for the test.

10th HONORS: Today I explained our independent reading assignments to you. Each Friday you will bring in the same periodical (it can be a different issue) and you will read for half the period and then write a particular genre in response to what you've read. The result of writing all of these will be a final project you will produce for me. The vocabulary quiz will now be Tuesday next week. I am still missing some vocabulary practice from last Friday; I need these ASAP! 

Have a good weekend!