06 September 2011

posted Sep 6, 2011, 10:35 AM by Unknown user
Several things to note from today:

1.) Most of you need to finish the annotated bibliography assignment tonight. You now have the Galileo password in your possession, so no excuses! See the last post for the form if you lost it and need to print it out!

2.) Tomorrow is your in class compare/contrast essay over your project work on archetypes. Go over your notes and look over the literature to prepare. Tomorrow is outlining and Thursday is actually writing the essay. Remember, this is your first major test and writing grade!

3.) You got your new vocabulary today. For those who want a head start, take the words and search for them in an online news source's search engine. Find a professional example of the word being used. Cite it, and then write a sentence using the word correctly that is your own design. I'll go over this tomorrow at the beginning of class.