06 December 2010

posted Dec 6, 2010, 11:26 AM by Unknown user
9th CP: Tomorrow is your ATTWN Unit Test. We finished the book today and I told you basically everything you need to know for the test. Use your study guides to help prepare yourself for the test. (Click here to get downloadable versions.) Here is a basic recap of what you should know:
  • Conflict: Internal & External - Man Vs. ...
  • Literary Terms: Symbol, Irony, Foreshadowing, Simile
  • Character: Their motives and descriptions
  • History: What major event is beginning in 1939? What negative views are very obvious during this time? (i.e. sexism, classism etc.)
  • Two Short Responses: 3 Sentences Each - One is on character and the other is on literary terms.
Also, your vocabulary test will be on Thursday. You can review your words using your practice sheets. I'll also post them online tomorrow.

10th HONORS: Today we finished writing our Gateway practices and you self-graded your essay using a Gateway-esque rubric. Tomorrow is your scheduled Unit 5 vocabulary quiz, but we will take this Wednesday instead since we did not discuss this in class. Instead, tomorrow we will start reviewing for the final. BRING YOUR BOOK!