05 October 2010

posted Oct 5, 2010, 9:11 AM by Unknown user
My apologies for a lack of updates so far this week.

9th CP: We've continued to read The Odyssey the last few days of class. There are several of you who either still need to turn in, or need to redo, the verb activity that I handed back today. You have until Friday to complete this. Today I handed out this semester's extra credit. I will attach a copy of this at the bottom of the homepage of the website. Today, you took your third vocabulary quiz; we also started reading "The Cattle of the Sun God" section of The Odyssey.

10th HONORS: We started reading Oedipus Rex yesterday. The Greek tragedy play will be our focal point for the next week and a half in class. You will take your vocabulary quiz tomorrow at the beginning of class. STUDY!