Links & Web 2.0 Tools!

 Web 2.0: noun - the second generation of the World Wide Web in which content is user-generated and dynamic, and software is offered that mimics desktop programs. ( 2004)
Web-based presentation software. It's a new spin on PowerPoint!

Intended to be a site for showing off vacation photos in style, this site is another unique presentation tool.

This video web tool edits videos in a cool format for you. Quick and easy to use! (Limited to 30 sec.)
Check out this Video.

A plethora of web 2.0 tools are listed on this site! Some are more helpful than others, though.
Collaboration tool for visual graphic organizers including mind webs.  Requires registration.
Online, collaborative bulletin board!
Create picture e-books collaboratively

Online collaborative playground. Great place to meet online and discuss projects when your at school or at home.
Works like an online whiteboard where you can collaborate your ideas.
Build mind webs and visual brainstorming models for projects, writing and more.

Word/Tag Clouds:
Make word and tag clouds for free!

Like Wordle, but with more options. You can actually make your word clouds into various shapes for free.

Social Bookmarking:  
This site uses what we call social bookmarking. Users collaborate by sharing links and web resources with each other.
Requires a Yahoo! account but runs just like Diigo for the most part.
Google Tools:
Google Drive
Open source documents that work just as MS Office does (with some exceptions). All work is saved in online cloud taking up no memory on your computer and is accessible from any computer with internet access.

Google Sites
You will actually use this to help create your online portfolio for the class. Basically a really easy way to build a website.

Google Books
Great source to find full versions of classic books and previews of modern day books.

Everything Google
Click the link to see all the available tools Google has.
Good site for creating a blog.
Another good site for creating a free blog.

Photos//Photo Editing:
Creative Commons Search
Uses several search engines to find you photos that are considered to be a part of the creative commons. BE CAREFUL though, not all images that pop up are free and clear to use. You should cite your photos all the time anyway!

Public domain photos. Now these are all free and copyright free, however, you should still site what you find and use.

Created by a newspaper group. You can find lots of free and clear photos. This is the only site you can find a photo from on this list and not have to cite it.

Yet another free photo finder. Good, but probably the least helpful out of the others.

Great and FREE alternative to paint and more importantly Photoshop. Check this out!

Free photo editing software. Has to be down loaded, so you cannot use this at school unless you have the program on a flashdrive.

Take your images and use them in creative ways.

Royalty-free music in mp3 format that is broken up by genre. (Free) 
A place to download FREE music legally.  Many bands are trying to make it big and want a way to advertise.  What better way to advertise than to share your music for free.  Music on Jamendo is free for use. 
A search engine for finding the perfect sound effect. Totally free!

Search Engines:
This is a comparison database. Here you can search multiple topics at the same time and get comparative information on how those topics either relate or differentiate from one another. Very helpsul in terms of visuals and relevant data in easy to read charts.

This is by far the best source for good research material! Be sure to click 'High' for high school. Galileo is a great database to use.

Google's attept at getting you better researched material in a search. A good source, but is limited in its results.
Very cool alternative to Google and Google Scholar. Everything that comes up in this search engine is guaranteed to be researched and peer reviewed.
Like Google, it is a good place to get decent opening information. What is neat is they show searched information through videos!

Neat avatar creator. This honestly more of a teacher tool, but there are certainly creative ways to use it in a project.

Another interesting way of creating an entertaining cartoon-type avatar. Could be used creatively.

It's true that we use Google Drive to organize most of our project work; however, there are other great tools out there to help with that too including this one. Think digital trapperkeeper.

An online cloud that stores all your files and connects you to all your files on the go! (iPad, android, etc.)

An online PROJECT MANAGEMENT system that is free.

Collection of many, many free fonts. These must be saved to a flash! NOT on school computers.

Good for presentations. If you want to use this, you need to download it to your home computer only! NOT a school computer.


Poll Everywhere
Create polls that can be taken online via cellphones. Great for presentations.

The ultimate wiki. Most of you know about this online collaborative encyclopedia already. (Note: It is blocked at school.)